The Eyes Have It

Day 213…

Last Sunday evening my brother and I were having an early supper at the local deli.  Two days earlier I found out that I have glaucoma, and because it runs in families I felt it was my sisterly duty to pass on the information.

I told him that I knew Mother had had it, and probably Dad, and that it is diagnosed by an opthamologist.  I gave him the name of mine.  I told him it’s not curable, but can be managed with drops.  I even told him that in certain cases marijuana is prescribed.

The whole time I’m delivering this all-important information my brother maintains eye contact from across the table.  But I am pretty sure the news is not connecting.

Two years ago my brother had viral encephalitis.  It affected the language area of his brain and he has trouble with words and meanings, especially when he’s tired.   So from my big sister wisdom I decided that maybe he was just tired.  I had overloaded him.  That’s OK.  I’ve introduced the concept.  I’ll just revisit the lesson again.  (That part’s from the teacher in me)

We finished our meal on other topics with free ice cream cones.

As we are walking to our cars, Buddy turns to me and says, “Now what was that thing in your eye?”


“Oh, I thought you said guacamole.”

Well, that explains the disconnect. 

On the way home I replay the one-sided conversation.  I have guacamole in my eye.  It took a special doctor to discover it.  Mother, and maybe Dad, had it too.  You can’t cure it.  You just put drops in your eyes for the rest of your life.  No wonder he was confused.

I will note, however, there was a small flicker of connection during my presentation.  It came when I said sometimes marijuana is used to treat it.

Writing topic:  Simple misunderstandings


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  1. Posted by Susan Caldwell on March 21, 2011 at 9:19 pm03

    Thanks for this, Laura. I laughed just as much reading it as hearing you tell it last week. Sorry we will miss seeing you today. You’ve had quite a week of transitions…Ms. Joyce and the piano, and I was sorry I missed the chance to touch base yesterday afternoon. Still trying to get there Wednesday night. Hope it’s a good week.


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