Decluttering Intentions

Day 235…

At the end of every Writing Group session we state intentions for the week.  Usually I am diligent about addressing mine, but this week I’m sorry to say, I haven’t really even tried.  I said that I would stick with the Poem-a-Day challenge that I had started.  But I just didn’t want to.   And then I admitted that to Melissa while we were writing together yesterday. 

I write.  Morning pages, writing buddies, the Wednesday writing group…I wanted something different.  We did a ten minute write on Decluttering.  It could have meant anything, but for me at that time it really was about my messy house.  I clean when it gets intolerable or when I’m expecting company, but I operate in “crisis mode.”  It only feels good when I finish.  I’d like to try another way.

So my new intention is to clean 30 minutes a day.  Whatever that might mean.  Today it is going through stacks, running a load of wash, dusting the front rooms.  I’ve taken a break to type this.  I will dust when I finish here.  (I didn’t say it had to be a consecutive 30 minutes!!!) 

I would like to make this cleaning thing a mindful habit, like I have made writing morning pages.  I know the writing has been good for me.  But the poem a day intention at this time is just more clutter.

Wish me luck. 

Writing topic:  Decluttering


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  1. Wishing you luck. I have decluttering intentions for the year, for similar reasons.


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