Being Human

Day 236…

Yesterday was a little strange.  Not all day.  Most of the the day was just fine, as I went about doing the things I know how to do.  Visiting a high school class,  running a couple errands, facilitating the book club.  But that piece of time inbetween, when I’m usually so good on my own…

I felt pulled on.  The usual “fixes”  of reading a book, doodling on a sketch pad and walking in the park weren’t really helping.  The anxiousness didn’t seem to let up.  So I just sat still for a while, clearing my mind.  In time, probably not nearly as long as it felt, the calm returned.

 However now I wonder if it’s not just nature’s way of reminding me I’m human.  The struggle of being in the world.   

So as I prepare to “head back out there” this morning,  I accept that although “all shall be well” there may be some anxious moments when I’ll have my doubts.

Writing topic:  The natural struggle


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