Change of Plans

Day 253…

So by the end of a week of a somewhat organized stream of third graders, I tweak the activity I’m in charge of for an “open to the public” weekend of meandering families with children of all ages…

After the last third grade class, before the Friday evening crowd, some “artbreaky” friends and I walk to Subway for lunch and on to the Riverfront for a change of  scenery.

When we get back I find that my activity has been changed.  Instead of writing color poems I am now in charge of puppets on a stick.  Yikes!!!  Now I need to become proficient enough making these skewered puppets to “teach” the activity…to a meandering Friday night crowd with children of all ages.

OK…last night was fun…but I will run myself ragged today if I try to keep up that pace for ten hours. 

Aha!  This morning I wake with the idea of making “how to” posters to display around my station…cutting down on the “teaching” time, allowing me to hand out supplies and encouragement (and maybe take pictures.)

Gotta go…I’m the second booth on the right as you come in the hall through the middle set of double doors…see ya… 

Writing topic:  Shifting gears


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Robin Quinn on April 30, 2011 at 9:19 pm04

    Great idea!! Hope you have a great day!


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