Telling Stories

Day 261…

Such an amazing week for my family…My brother (along with others) was awarded Best Rock Blues Album by the Blues Foundation in Memphis, my other brother is in New Orleans playing at the Jazzfest today, and last night my younger niece danced solo as  Tap Dancer of the Year at her dance recital…It’s not easy being in this family.  So much creative talent. 

I used to tell my brothers I should be the chic singer in their band.  They laughed…hahaha

Now I yearn to tell the stories of life, as I know it.  Maybe that’s what all this experience has been about.  Is this my creative urge wanting a turn?

Wherever a story comes from, whether it is a familiar myth or a private memory, the retelling exemplifies the making of a connection from one pattern to another: a potential translation in which narrative becomes parable and the once upon a time comes to stand for some renascent truth. This approach applies to all the incidents of everyday life: the phrase in the newspaper, the endearing or infuriating game of a toddler, the misunderstanding at the office. Our species thinks in metaphors and learns through stories.          Mary Catherine Bateson

 A good story cannot be devised; it has to be distilled.          Raymond Chandler

It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story.            Native American proverb


3 responses to this post.

  1. The urge, the desire, the yearning to do, the restlessness; it begins. We all have a story to tell. Are we ready to begin and by what means?


  2. I love the photo of the statue. Did you make it?


    • It’s a storyteller doll I bought in Santa Fe on the way to a writing workshop. There were so many to choose from, most of them seated with a lapful of children. This one connected almost immediately…


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