What Is…

Day 273…

Last day for after school science…Earlier this week I could feel the end-of -school fever building.  What will we do that both the children and I can enjoy?

We’ll make pizza!!!

After everyone had washed their hands and checked out the ingredients on the table, each child had to tell the rest of us how pizza could be a “science lesson.”

Kindergarten boy:  You eat it.

Another kindergarten boy:  It has stuff.

Me:  Where do we get pepperoni?

First grade girl:  Squirrels?

Sixth grade boy:  Chemically altered, discarded cow parts.

Me:  Tell us more about how pizza can be a science lesson.

Third grade boy:  The digestive system.

Another third grade boy:  Yeah, then out the booty.

Fourth grader:  It’s a chemical change, no a physical change…I don’t know.  It changes.


Spread three spoons of pasta sauce on one side of a thin whole-grain sandwich round.  (I have used English muffins, but these things were on sale.  Do I need to tell you there was much discussion about whether the little round hard things were seeds or bugs?)  Add a handful of mozzarella cheese and finish with 4 pepperoni slices.  Toast in the toaster oven until cheese melts.  Enjoy…

Oh yeah, clean up your place at the table before you leave.

Writing topic:  Children and food


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