Back to the Garden

Day 275…

I sit my new blue chair in the front garden as day breaks.  Princess the dog joins me, sitting on my lap as was our custom back in the bedroom.

But she’s outside now and there are new things to see…and being on my lap elevated her short little body another foot or so.  She leaps out of my lap barking and running across the neighbor’s yard.  Oh dear, what has she seen?  A cat?  A squirrel?  Another dog?  Such a fierce little Princess warrior.  No.  It is a black garbage bag of leaves on their curb.  She stops her barking and running, then sniffs around the bag like she meant to do that…I can relate.

This new setting is stimulating me too, as I consider what I might remove or what I could add.  I walk beyond this garden sectioned off by a curving brick wall and see the rest of my neglected garden.  I get more ideas.  I look at the yards across the street and those next door.  We’ve all let our gardens go to hedges, and whatever.

When I walk around the larger neighborhood I see beautiful, eye-catching gardens.  They seem to come in groups.  Perhaps one neighbor started sprucing up her yard, and then a second or third scrutinized their own.

I’m getting another idea.

Writing topic:  More ideas


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