I’ve Got Rhythm

Day 277…

An early breakfast with my brother and his two youngest who were on their way to the first of four days of finals.  Bruce asked me to give them last-minute “words of wisdom.”  I told LB the answer to 26 was “green.”  Then I told Jake the answer to number six was “true.”  I’ve been telling kids that for decades.  Younger students were appreciative to have the inside scoop; Jake and LB just smiled.

So now I’m back, letting go of teacher/silly aunt mode, assuming garden-sitting mode.  The dog is wandering around nearby, the mockingbird is singing, a gentle breeze is blowing.  I like this routine.

Yesterday I gave the overgrown lantana a much-needed haircut, not unlike the way Beverly does my hair.  As much thinning out as cutting off length, making it much more manageable.  The yardman comes today to remove the dead bush and deeper rooted baby trees and to trim the hedges.  Then I get to decide what to plant in the new spaces.

Erma’s retirement party is this afternoon at four.  She’s the last of our group to leave the little school on the hill.  She and I are four days apart and share many similar life experiences.  I wish her the rhythm I have found in this new phase of life.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.
Thomas Merton

Writing topic:  A rhythm for life


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