A Hole Is to Dig*

Day 281…

Morning chore…enlarge hole for gardenia bush…This has been a “chore” for the last two mornings.  Morgan, at the nursery, said to dig a hole twice as big as the container the bush is in.  I’m wondering if half again as big will be enough…

Gardenia bushes remind me of college.   A fragrant perimeter around my dorm’s courtyard.  I’ve always wanted one, so I will dig this hole.

I’ve also moved several plants I put in the ground in the last two days, after reconsidering “the big picture.”  And mulched around everything with bags of leaves I picked up from the neighborhood last fall…

Down the street is an estate sale (bigger than a garage sale because you get to wander through the whole “estate.”)  The street is full of parked and slow moving cars.   Princess would love to be in the middle of the action, but settles for wagging her tail as “pickers” pass our yard with their treasures.  Good dog…

A Hole Is to Dig, subtitled A First Book of First Definitions, written by Ruth Krauss and illustrated by Maurice Sendak was a favorite book of mine when I was a child.  The first two pages:  “Mashed potatoes are to give everybody enough”  “A face is so you can make faces”  An early clue about my love of words…

Writing topic:  Childhood books


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