Where Will All the Flowers Go?

Day 284…

Today’s temperature will be in the low 90’s.  The rest of the week is predicted to be even hotter.  I hope the flowers make it.

Canna lilies, passalong plants discovered on my walk to the grocery store.  They came from a neighbor thinning his perennials.  If  you say “thank you” for such a find, it will not grow.  The way to show appreciation for such a gift is to pass along your own thinned perennials.

My coneflowers have been around for years, faithfully blooming and spreading seeds.

This is new store-bought plumbago that I hope to train up my front lamp post.  I remember Mother saying that name.  However, I don’t remember the flowers.  (Another clue about my being a wordperson.)

Agapantha…Yesterday’s picture is now unfolding.

The ever present Princess wondering why I would choose a laptop over a lap dog.

Writing topic:  Staying alive


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