Letting Go

Day 290…

Yesterday’s lessons…

After helping Joyce find her mother an assisted living apartment a few weeks ago, yesterday I went to her mother’s house to help clean.  Actually I did very little.  She already had her own plan in motion.  So I packed a few boxes, shared some memories and claimed four National Wildlife Federation bird mugs and a couple books.

Later in the day my sister-in-law stopped by my house.  She’s the one who was able to clean out my own mom’s 60-year accumulation.  It was too overwhelming for my brothers and me.

Gwen came to bring some albums she had found:  two photo albums Mother had made when my son was very young and my own scrapbook from childhood.  She also came to see the garden.  Together we decided to let go of the lantana…

Sometimes we need a little help when it comes time to let go.

Writing topic:  A little help from our friends


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