Bipolar Express

Day 291..

The human behavior with a twenty-first century name, and lots of opinions and remedies.  The behavior that constantly swings us from one side to another.   If only I had this relationship.  Or the fancy new job and accolades that come with it.  Followed by that honeymoon-is-over letdown.

Do we know what we want or think?   Is it just our mindless ego?  Are we too easily caught up in the pursuit without considering what we are after or why?

There is stimulation from a zillion sources, both within and without,  telling us how to think.  A he-said-she-said competition that will once and for all prove “we’re right” and “you’re wrong.”

In the early morning garden  I can breathe.  My racing thoughts slow down…

And in this calmer feeling I still want a new computer.

It’s OK, Laura.  You’re not “wrong.”  Or “right.”

Writing topic:  What I want


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