Pacing Myself

Lagnaippe, as we say in Louisiana…

Another post before day 292.

But I’ve been so tired today.  I need to vent.  Feel free to skip over this post if you want.

After stopping by my brother’s house on the way to the youth garden, I got an earful about his teenaged son.  Breathe, Laura.  He does not really want my input. Give him a hug and be on your way.

17 middle school and high schoolers are assembled in the community center.  They are lethargic from the beginning, except when they’re passing licks.  Breathe, Laura.

Before we go outside for an introduction to the garden, we play a name game.  Most of these kids already know each other.  And because there were 17 kids and 5 adults, it took 30 minutes.  I was tired before we got to the garden.  Outside the leader explained what each crop is.  Half the kids were not even in the area where she was talking.  Argh.  But I was guilty too.  I was playing with a daddy long legs I found on the cucumbers.

We stayed in the 90-plus heat for about 45 minutes, then went back inside so I could introduce cooperative learning groups.  Yuck.  The small groups project was probably active enough…if we weren’t already so drained.

After the kids went to lunch, the adults reflected.  Everyone thought it went well for the first day.  Except me.  I voiced concern over pacing.  Yeah, they said.  We should probably change activities every 15-20 minutes, especially in this heat.  More affirmations.  And we need the water jug down in the garden, like last year.  Oh yeah.

I came home and took a nap.  No farmer’s market for me today.  I couldn’t even stay with the book I wanted to read for longer than 15 minutes.  Guess I need to pace myself too.

Writing topic:  Pacing


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