Life Cycles

Day 294…

Perhaps there is something reassuring about getting older.  A calmer feeling that tells me I no longer have to save the world, that mistakes are made by everyone, that by slowing down and witnessing the world around us and within us we find we are not alone, and that what we all seem to want is to love and be loved…and we are.

This morning the sun is rising.  The birds are singing.  The coreopsis are about to bloom.  The sweet potato vine and gardenia bush are getting bigger.  More nut grass is emerging, particularly where I am deep-watering the new plants.  The temperature will again rise to the high nineties, then the sun will set and the earth will cool down.  And there are still a zillion books I want to read.

I’ve been fever-free for twelve hours now, after visiting the physician’s assistant, giving blood, being diagnosed with a flu-like virus, and told to drink plenty of fluids, continue the tylenol/advil routine, and rest. What I suspected all along, but it was nice to have another’s affirmation.

I am participating in another day on this planet.

Writing topic: Doing what comes naturally


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