Tricks of My Trade

Day 296…

Heading for Farmer’s Market, I almost got stuck getting out of the kitchen door.  (No, it is not a size issue.) But Laura, I tell myself, you told everyone you were going (read:  I stated the intention in my blog.)  Everyone will expect pictures.  Where’s your follow-through?  OK, sometimes I rely on “tricks” to keep me moving forward, and you, dear readers, are one of my “tricks.”  Thank you so much.  Farmer’s Market was a blast…after the bit of anxiety over the size of the crowd…

The rest of the day should have been anti-climatical, but I was obviously on some “self” testing journey. Rereading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak for book club this week, I was the book thief.  The little girl who used books to make sense of the chaotic world around her.  I wanted to take breaks and go see a movie (and get out of this story), go to the grocery store (as if I needed more food), and run to the craft store (to try a new idea with the little books I’m making.)  But I chose to stay with my little book thief.  I needed to make her my friend.   Back and forth my mind swung.  Catching and releasing the thoughts that passed through.  And I would tell  myself I can always go to bed early and let sleep put all my spinning in perspective.  Another trick.

Sure enough, this morning I’m ready to begin again.  Another trick of mine, you wonder.  Maybe. 🙂

The line for beignets…

Fresh veggies…

Good luck soup…

The jerky dude…

People watching…

I have a real hard time adding pictures and captions. What seems obvious to me doesn’t always work. I think I need a trick here…

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  1. Posted by Robin Quinn on June 15, 2011 at 9:19 am06

    You make me smile!! Love you!


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