Words and Pictures

Day 299…

Yesterday I spent two morning hours with the youth gardening group.  About forty minutes of that time was in the 92 degree heat weeding the strawberry bed with MiKayla, Aalaysia, Rangel, Zach, and Rashaun…to name a few.

I hurried home to shower, change clothes and arrive at the college within an hour to interview five alternative education applicants with my friends and colleagues, Lonnie and Tocha.

Three and a half hours later I left the college to run by the house, pick up my NOOK and calendar and head to the library for book club.  There we, the  middle-aged members (who are planning on living until 110 and beyond) of the year-old Broadmoor Book Club, shared our feelings about The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, a young adult book whose narrator is Death.  An interesting discussion about a book written for teens and read from our perspectives.

Finally home to another book, Ape House by Sara Gruen, before giving in to sleep.

Why do I enumerate the comings and goings of my day?  A way of observing myself  in the world?

Today will be as busy, and diverse… the morning book club meeting, a field trip to two grocery stores with the teen- agers, and writing group.  Trust yourself, Laura.  This is who you are.

Now a couple pictures, for those of you who have had enough of my words…

Writing topic:  I am…


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  1. Wow, sounds like the perfectly diverse day.


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