Talking to Myself

Day 306…

Look what I caught!!!  After thirty minutes of sitting in my blue chair with my camera ready.

Yesterday morning was spent with moody teenagers.  I was moody after that.  So affected by my environment.

So, what’d you do about it, Laura?


How’d that work?

Not so good.

Then what?

I tried reading.


Well, I’m a hundred pages into Room and it’s pretty depressing.

So you stayed with it?

Nah, I went for a walk.

Oh, good!

Yeah, it was OK.  Change of scenery and all.

And then?

I took a nap.


Yeah, much better.

So you were OK then?

Well, then I sent a text to a friend.


She replied enthusiastically, telling me I was a calming influence.

And your problem with that?

It scared me a little.  I felt too much responsibility.

So what’d you do next?

I went outside to watch the birds.


Much better.

I’m glad.

Oh, and here’s the cardinal I caught.  But today I’ll try to get a clearer picture.

Natalie Goldberg describe the “sweetheart voice” as a balance for the ever-present monkey mind.  I’m thinking it’s a helpful way to make friends with my inner critic.

Writing topic:  The sweetheart voice


4 responses to this post.

  1. Laura, I spent over an hour last night talking with my inner critic. It’s something I don’t do enough. “We” went back and forth for over 1,200 words–more than I’ve written in one sitting in a long time. Now if I could only convince my critic that doing that counts as writing. 🙂


  2. I think this is something I might need to start doing. First up, read the Natalie Goldberg book I have on my shelf. I don’t know why I keep putting it off.

    The cardinal does not always want a clearer picture. I’m convinced of it (after having tried for three seasons to catch a clearer picture of one). I have made the decision to give the male cardinal his privacy and stop acting as his personal paparazzo in hopes that someday he will up and pose for me of his own free will.


  3. In Wild Mind she demonstrates specific methods and techniques to assist writers with their work.. In this way you can go for the jugular and express ideas without having to worry about anything else.. .In Wild Mind Goldberg explains that all writers need to have both a sweetheart and a censor within them.


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