What’s that Apple About Anyway?

Day 307…

What Garden of Eden is complete without an apple, I think, as I add my newest bird feeder.  And what was that apple about anyway?

Original sin? Tree of knowledge?  Shame and guilt?  Disobeying God? Was it even an apple?

Google “apple in the Garden of Eden” and read the diverse interpretations…

Everything’s a trigger, a stimulus.  A metaphor.  Isn’t what it means, and is real to us, based on our experience?  Can’t we stand apart from our personal reactions and consider other responses?  Wouldn’t sharing our ideas and experience build healthier communities?  But wouldn’t we have to leave our “comfort zone” and feel “exposed?”

Me, I like the potential of a plastic apple hummingbird feeder to a) attract hummingbirds, b) challenge my thinking, and c) keep me looking for connection.

Writing topic:  Apple in the Garden of Eden


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