Keeping the Sabbath Holy

Day 310…

This morning I weed as the sun comes up.  The coolest part of the day.  What I know is tomorrow more weeds will have taken the place of these.  Oh well, I like having my hands in the dirt.

In a little while I will meet my brother for breakfast at Southfield Grill.  Today is his birthday.  Two years ago, after he spent a harrowing month in ICU with viral meningitis, we didn’t know how many more birthdays we’d celebrate with him.  Today I am thankful for this one.

We chose Southfield Grill because our nephew’s new job is busing tables there.  It reminds us of our first jobs.  Me as camp counselor.  He as paper boy.

Then this afternoon I will go to an art opening.  Having spent time with two of my favorite creative people yesterday, I am eager to be back in the company of artists.  I plan to get up enough nerve to submit my g-rated watercolor Eve for the “Nude Show” next month at East Bank…

Writing topic:  The Sabbath


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