Doing Art

Day 310…

Now I’ve done it…I’ve wandered away from my comfort zone and am feeling a bit exposed.

I went to the art opening yesterday for inspiration and courage.  Man, I wasn’t counting on those two things stirring me up so much.

My plan is to submit a piece in the “Nekkid Show.” (as Kathryn calls it)  The art show that will coincide with Vagina Monologues at East Bank next month.

I was going to submit the simple watercolor I did several years ago, but I got another idea based on a sketch my mother did in 1966.  So yesterday at the show I told seven artists, whose work I respect, a bit of my plan.  No one laughed out right.  That was encouraging.  In fact no one discouraged me at all.  Yikes…Maybe I was hoping for that.

I came home to tinker with my idea and got thoroughly overwhelmed.  What was I thinking?  I’m completely out of my element.

Go to sleep, Laura.  Stop trying to be in charge.  Give your muse a chance to help.

This morning I wake from dreams about being nekkid and exposed.  But I’m OK with it.

Obviously this art thing is more than slapping a little paint on paper.  Kinda like writing, I guess.

Writing topic:  Exposing myself


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