Taking Care of My Muse

Day 311…

Well, that was cute…I was editing today’s post, when voila, it published itself.  (Notice that I’m not taking the credit.)

I was remembering the Sharon Stone movie The Muse and commenting on how I’m beginning to really get the concept.

I remarked about how my creative side, Muse, is balance for my overactive left brain thinking.  She sits on my shoulder watching me spin into anxiety as I try to reason my way out of a situation.  Then when I’ve finally let go, she whispers a gentle, loving approach to my dilemma.

This misstep as I try to tell her story reminds me of her tender ways.  Her sensitivity picks up on stimuli all around her.  It’s my responsibility to avoid prolonged stays in negative, draining or overwhelming environments.  Her small voice is hard to hear in noisy settings.  She likes sitting in the early morning garden, playing with children in the community garden, watching people at the Farmer’s Market, walking in the park, reading and writing, making stuff and taking naps.  And I know by my anxiousness, when I haven’t made enough time for her needs.

Writing topic:  The muse


3 responses to this post.

  1. I love the artwork. Is it yours?


  2. Love it. Yes, never neglect Muse.


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