In the Company of Creatives

Day 312…

Where do I feel the energy of creatives?

1.  Listening to my brother’s smooth new band sound, as I sit with creative friends I’ve known for fifty years.

2.  Watching belly dancers and drummers at the Saturday Farmer’s Market.

3.  Eating breakfast while sharing ideas  and struggles with my other brother, also a musician.

4.  Participating in a summer cooking class.

5.  Going to an art opening for inspiration and courage from my friends.

6.  Watching/listening to Leonard Cohen in concert on a DVD from Netflix.

7.  Sifting through Rene’s  collection of National Geographics for my project.

8.  Sharing timed writings in writing group.

9.  Spending time at the bookstore or library.

10.  Sharing a “first experience” with young children picking soybeans, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.

11.  Attending a second book making class with Lisa tonight.

12.  Going shopping for new glasses with Haley tomorrow.

It’s a vibration, this phenomenon of shared energy, passion, connection, being alive…

Writing topic:  Creative community


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