Isn’t It Ironic

Day 316…

Oxymorons.  Such a word struggle.  How better to “explain” something than by identifying its parameters.  But doesn’t that limit an idea by assuming it has identifiable endpoints?

I found an extensive list that was a lot of fun.  Or rather what I appreciate as fun.

Imagine the possibilities with these:  acute apathy, consistently inconsistent, controlled chaos, creative destruction, expected serendipity, extremely average, false hope, fictional reality, foolproof instructions, final version, group of individuals, hopeful pessimist or hopelessly optimistic, holy war, instant folk hero, never again, one choice, persistent ambivalence, meaningful nonsense, more unique, non-toxic bug spray, least favorite, perfectly ridiculous, pleasantly confused, reckless caution,  single thought, somewhat awesome, twelve-ounce pound cake, usually spectacular, violent agreement, wise fool…

No wonder there’s so much misunderstanding…

Happy Fourth!!!  I will be celebrating the freedom of speech (another oxymoron, in my opinion.)

For today’s writing topic:  An oxymoron of your choice…


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