Moment to Moment

Day 317…Do I begin this  blog telling you how my back hurts and I don’t know where I’m going to get the energy to go the the community garden this morning?  Ah, but it rained last night.  I heard thunder earlier and then…some strange rhythmic drumming.  Was it my ceiling fan?  The neighbor watering?  I guess I’d temporarily forgotten what rain sounds like.

Then there’s this sign calling attention to the cone flowers in the middle of the path through my garden to the front door.  On the ground are crepe myrtle flowers that fell during last night’s rain.

I was trying to capture birds with my camera and getting discouraged because they wouldn’t stay still long enough to frame and focus a clear picture.  But the swinging girl with the open heart willingly obliged.

Now the blog is done, my mind is off the discomfort in my back and it’s time to head to the youth garden.

Writing topic:  In the moment


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