Are You My Mother?

Day 322…

Yesterday was consumed with how to move forward on my art project.  I went to Farmer’s Market to be inspired by the creativity I knew I could find there, only to begin thinking about what kind of refreshments to serve at book club this week when we discuss The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  I sampled tea cakes and checked out the local available produce.  What would ladies eat at bridge club in 1963?  These were thoughts my mother must have had.

Next, I crossed the street to the Barnwell Center to see the area’s public school art teachers exhibit.  Maybe I could find ideas there.  The Barnwell, however, was closed.  A sign on the door said the air-conditioner was out.  I was back in the book’s setting, the summertime South without air-conditioning.

This book club project was “interfering” with my art project focus.

I went from one craft store to another and left both completely overwhelmed and clueless.

Calm down, Laura.  Quit worrying about the “how” of this project and concentrate on the “what.”

Time to head to the little shop in my neighborhood in search of a fertility goddess.  Within five minutes of being in the Peace of Mind Center I had three to choose from.  It was about abundance, I reasoned, and bought all three.

The whole day was the “what” of my project.  What the Vagina Monologues means to me.  The claiming of my sacred feminine.

Writing topic:  Sacred Feminine


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