Focus, Focus, Focus

Day 324…

A little ordering of priorities.

Princess, my ten year old terrier poodle, is battling some kind of bacterial infection.  We spent lots of time and money at the doctor yesterday,  but this morning she is still lethargic, refusing to eat and throwing up her medicine.  I’ll call the vet’s as soon as they open.

I’ve told the community garden leader not to count on me this morning.

This evening is book club.  We’re discussing The Help  and expect a larger than usual group.  I’m making “theme” refreshments–tea cakes, fudge brownies (think about it, for those who have read the book), cucumber sandwiches, strawberries and sweet tea.  The tea cakes and brownies are made.

And this messy house is distracting.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve been rereading about house cleaning for the last few days and am on high alert.  Perhaps it’s because this house really is messy.

While the pokey computer is booting up, I sweep the sunroom and put the bedspread Princess threw up on in the wash.

Then there’s the art project, which I actually worked on yesterday and feel much better about.  I will let it go until Thursday when I have more time.

And nut grass in my front garden continues to grow, even as I type.

Focus, Laura.  One step at a time.  Be in the non-anxious present.

Writing topic:  Priorities


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  1. so sorry about princess hope she gets better because they are like our children and we hurt when they hurt. sherrie


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