Stories from the Heart

Day 329…

Can you see them?  Just outside my sunroom windows.  The baby jay who hangs around my back door, each time a little higher up than the last.  This time with her mother.  Both birds allowing me time to capture their image.

When I retired from teaching, I fantasized about driving around the country in a tiny motor home listening to and writing  people’s stories.  But I knew it would be hard for me as an introvert to initiate anything but “surface sharings.”  How do I find heartfelt stories?

Listen to and write your own.

I hear stories from the heart in classrooms and circles of friends.

They are everywhere.  Keep listening.

I read Facebook entries and hear conversations in the grocery stores.  But aren’t those just surface stories?  I want heart stories.

They are there.   We hear them in others as we learn to hear them in ourselves.

Can you hear my heart story when I tell you of the mother and baby bird climbing higher in the tree?

Yes, dear.

Writing topic:  Heart stories


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