Radically Mellow

Day 340…

Every time I meet a challenge, another appears.

Last night at writing group one of our timed writing topics is I am a radical.  I write about being radically mellow and it feels good to recognize what this balance can feel like.  But a new young member writes with amazing fire.  FIRE. Then reads it to the group.  I take in her raw youthful energy and it too feels good.

What does this mean for me?  That I should add more fire to my writings.  Natalie says “go for the jugular.”  Is this what she means? Am I being too timid?

What if jugular for me now means that I can listen in awe to a room full of wonderfully diverse writers and not be scared?  Or not feel mine needs to sound like theirs?    That my radical-ness is the acceptance, even gratitude, for the many voices around me?  Radical.

Writing topic:  Acceptance


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