Tree of Life

Day 341…

I saw Tree of Life last night.  It was an amazing experience.

Here’s how I decided to watch it.  1)Turn off (or at least way down) the ever-present “analyzing machine” (except to watch how I watched the movie)  2)Drink in the visual images.  3) Let the music flow through me.

The story line.  The oldest son’s death triggering a life review.  The time is the 50’s.  Father, mother, three sons.   How and when do I react?   Watching the mother?  The struggles of the boy growing up?  The role of the father?  The friends and siblings of this oldest son? The Job story?  The idea of grace?

The art of story.  Beautiful.

Writing topic:  The art of story


One response to this post.

  1. Great reading your experience with the movie. My husband and I saw it last week. He could not turn off the “analyzing machine.” He wanted to leave after the first 30 minutes, but I said I really like it, so we stayed. I loved it.
    You wrote the perfect process for watching it.


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