The Circle Game

Day 342…

My school year starts with a meeting in a week.  Yikes.  Am I ready?  This summer, as hot and dry as it has been, will officially end when school begins.  Yeah, I’m ready.

But I thought you were retired?

As a full-time teacher in the Caddo Public Schools, yes.  But I keep ending up in “teaching situations.”

And you’re not tired of it?

Well, the “teaching situations” began as part-time supplemental income doing something I knew how to do.  But now I keep learning new stuff  I want to share.

Sounds like a vicious cycle.

Cycle, yes.  Vicious, no.  Not any more.

Writing topic:  Cycles


One response to this post.

  1. wow. so you’re a teacher?
    your blog looks fun!
    i look up on all teachers!
    all my teachers have a part in my heart~~~!

    i wish you continue teaching ^^


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