Something to Be Proud Of

Day 346…

The final project for the summer’s gardening program…the community Taste-a-Thon.   There are four tables of recipes to sample from the vegetables grown…field peas and green beans, okra and tomatoes, dill pickles, and salsa.  In the morning Joshua and DeTavion are looking for some last minute peppers.

Then, along with Brandon L., they prepare cucumbers for guests to sample in addition to the pickles they have already made.  That is DeTavion’s idea.

Brandon, Devon, and Talor set up their award winning salsa tasting table.

Guests begin arriving at 2:00.  Here Brandon H. is explaining how they made the okra and tomatoes.

The last guests to sample the community youth garden produce are the younger children in the summer program.  They listen intently knowing they might be doing this in a few years.

After the last guests leave, everyone pitches in, and within fifteen minutes the gym is cleared and the Taste-a-Thon a very pleasant memory.

Writing topic:  What I’m proud of


One response to this post.

  1. this is so nice! they were so great!
    i really like the last pic.
    that boy is something~~~!
    he’s like so obedient and disciplined. :””>
    this is really something to be proud of =)


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