One With the Dog

Day 348…

Princess, my ten-and-a-half-year-old dog, spends Wednesday afternoon and night continuously throwing up and pooping.  I follow her around, cleaning up messes and worrying about what should be done.

Thursday morning Princess and I spend a significant amount of the morning and 1/8 of my monthly retirement check at the vet.  I sit in the examining room, a bit concerned, wondering if this is becoming a pattern.  (She has made three visits in the last three weeks, already costing $1000.)

Thursday afternoon Princess continues to throw up and poop, but refuses to eat or drink water. Very little is being eliminated.  I cancel the rest of the day’s plans to be with her.  We stay in bed together, napping off and on.  My stomach hurts.

Thursday evening Princess eats a small piece of boiled chicken and I eat some vegetables.  I get her first pill down.  We turn in early with very little energy between us.

Thursday night Princess gets up several times wanting to go out.  I take her.  She licks a piece of ice.  I drink some water.

Early this morning Princess eats a bowl of prescription dog food and two more pills.  I have a bowl of cereal.  The elimination process has slowed.  I have several places to go today.

We’ll see.

Writing topic:  How we are connected


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