Morning Pages

Day 350…

Yes, “timed writings” has been an effective practice for me, but I was becoming too dependent on it.  It’s not easy operating in the “real” world when you have to keep running back to your notebook to check on yourself.

I needed to let go of this obsession with my own thoughts so I could focus on the children in my after school classes and my beginning teachers and their students.

I had read Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way and many of her other books, and actually “worked” her twelve week program.  It was time to take it further.

So about three years ago I made a commitment to regularly do morning pages (Three pages every morning.)  The first thing I would do every morning was head to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, stopping by the bathroom on the way.    Then I’d return to my bed with my coffee, notebook and pen and without first checking the TV, radio or computer.   For about thirty minutes I’d write…emptying the unfinished business and concerns from the day before, capturing pieces of the night’s dreams, and readying myself for the day ahead.

There were days I overslept and didn’t have time to write before I needed to be somewhere, and there were days I just didn’t have the “energy” to face the page.  But the more I honored this commitment, the better I felt.  Something was shifting.  By depositing my “self ” absorbed thoughts in my notebook, I had made room for other people.

And as I became more present to other people, I began to recognize myself in them.  I knew those fears and concerns, those passions and joys.    I had been learning to accept myself, so I could accept others.

And the journey continues.


3 responses to this post.

  1. just love what you said kinda of makes a statement for morning pages doesn’t it?


  2. Looks like it’s time for me to get back to them. Did them for 6 years and then just quit – huh? that doesn’t work.


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