Cleaning Out

Day 351…

My trash cart is filled with pieces of my past and my car packed with bags for Goodwill.  I’ve been cleaning.

Writing group is meeting at my house on August 17 and I have some work ahead of me.  This house, which I made “my own” after my ex moved out and my son went to Oregon, is in need of some TLC.  It seems I haven’t entertained since the death of my son.  Yikes!  It’s about time, Laura.

When I periodically tackle rooms and stacks and closets, I am cleaning for myself, not anyone else.  Writing group will be safe.  These women are wonderfully accepting.  The judgment comes from me.  (It really always does, doesn’t it?)  All I have to do is get over it.  So yesterday when the temperature is again in the 100’s, I begin to clean.

Teachers can be packrats, accumulating stuff that might be useful in a future lesson or craft. I am obviously no exception.

Really, Laura.  Do you need all those gift bags?  Just choose a few.

That was easy.

And why do you have the controls to an electric blanket you no longer own?

I don’t know.

You have a lot of nice pieces of material.  What are your plans?

Well, at one time I was going to make another quilt.

Is that why you have all that batting?

Yep, I guess so.

What do you want to do with this stuff now?

I’ll keep some of the material.  Maybe Goodwill could use the rest.

OK, and the shoes?  The only ones I see you wear are tennis shoes and sandals.

Well, I need a couple good pair when I go into the schools.

So what about the others?


That wasn’t so bad.  Cathartic in fact.  I guess it was time.

Writing topic:  Deep cleaning


2 responses to this post.

  1. very nice and yes we just cae about you not your house


  2. I’ll work on it when the weather turns bad…lol


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