Day 354…

Journaling, timed writing, morning pages, writing meditation, whatever the name… it is the practice that helps me “maintain.”  But maintaining is not enough; I want more.

How do I use this practice to continue growing?  How do I connect this practice to my life experiences?  Last night I watch the process.

Wednesday writers, a writing group I began a couple years ago, now has a name and facebook page.    What was first just my  need to continue a practice with others now offers structure… a time to check in,  a specific way of choosing topics and a closing that includes intention setting.   We come for different reasons on any given Wednesday.  It might be for community, writing practice or accountability or something we can’t even name.  Some members move on and new ones join.  Venues change.  We’ve been at the church and the neighborhood library and now we move week-to-week to different members’ homes.  It’s something more than maintenance.

Then before bed I write evening pages, three pages at the end of the day hoping to ease my restless sleep pattern.  And I wake this morning rested, with a slightly different perspective and an awareness of the positive power this practice has in my life.

Writing topic:  Reflecting on our practices


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