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OK, Muse, You’ve Got My Attention

Day 362…

Ah, yesterday the entire morning is spent in my writing room.  Allowing my muse to have her way with me.  I’m not avoiding her with busy-ness, I offer no excuses, I just steadily write on…and on.

I only have little clues of what this is about…this abundance of ideas flowing from my pen.  I take a few breaks to read.  A little of Natalie Goldberg’s book Wild Mind and The Paris Wife by Paula McLain…a story of Hadley and Ernest Hemingway.  Even my reading is about writing.

Later when I leave the house, new ideas fire.  Ideas about the ideas I was having earlier.  I need to be with others just to get the Muse to shut up.  But the “others” I am with are writers and storytellers themselves.

And in the night, she visits again.  Why the persistence?  Is it because I am giving in to her?  Has she been like this all along?

Day 362 of this year-long blogging commitment…and school starts this week.  I’m transitioning into a new year, and I’m listening.  Wednesday will be my last blog.  For a while?  Forever?  I don’t know.  I don’t seem to be in charge.

Writing topic:  Giving in


Book Connections

Day 361…

An observation:  As the acupuncturist releases my inner chi energy, I follow her work by cleaning up and decluttering the outer chi, my house.

A book on a table near the Barnes and Noble cafe calls to me the other day.  Not something I think I would be looking for, but obviously something inside me connected.  It would have appealed to my son.

Advice for living well in this world, using quotes from science-fiction and fantasy.  Sacred teachings.

For the quote by Isaac Asimov, “If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood.  I’d type a little faster.”  the author addresses “being driven by the creative impulse–by the all-encompassing need to take what’s inside and put it out there…

Oh, I can so connect with that thought.

And the book itself, sitting on that table?  Was it patiently waiting for me to “see” it, to take what’s outside and bring it in?

Writing topic:  Books that connect

It Feels Right…

Day 332…

To spend an evening with Nadine and Lisa creating little flag books.  (Sorry, Lisa, when I got home I couldn’t remember how to put it all together…)

To move my body with others in T’ai Chi and Zumba classes.

To pull weeds from the community garden with teenagers.

To write with friends.

To listen to others’ thoughts about a shared book.

To get excited over new-to-me ideas.

To open to the experience of acupuncture.

To cry and not feel the need to explain it.

To see my nude art hanging alongside others’.

Writing topic:  A good feeling

Are You My Mother?

Day 322…

Yesterday was consumed with how to move forward on my art project.  I went to Farmer’s Market to be inspired by the creativity I knew I could find there, only to begin thinking about what kind of refreshments to serve at book club this week when we discuss The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  I sampled tea cakes and checked out the local available produce.  What would ladies eat at bridge club in 1963?  These were thoughts my mother must have had.

Next, I crossed the street to the Barnwell Center to see the area’s public school art teachers exhibit.  Maybe I could find ideas there.  The Barnwell, however, was closed.  A sign on the door said the air-conditioner was out.  I was back in the book’s setting, the summertime South without air-conditioning.

This book club project was “interfering” with my art project focus.

I went from one craft store to another and left both completely overwhelmed and clueless.

Calm down, Laura.  Quit worrying about the “how” of this project and concentrate on the “what.”

Time to head to the little shop in my neighborhood in search of a fertility goddess.  Within five minutes of being in the Peace of Mind Center I had three to choose from.  It was about abundance, I reasoned, and bought all three.

The whole day was the “what” of my project.  What the Vagina Monologues means to me.  The claiming of my sacred feminine.

Writing topic:  Sacred Feminine

In the Company of Creatives

Day 312…

Where do I feel the energy of creatives?

1.  Listening to my brother’s smooth new band sound, as I sit with creative friends I’ve known for fifty years.

2.  Watching belly dancers and drummers at the Saturday Farmer’s Market.

3.  Eating breakfast while sharing ideas  and struggles with my other brother, also a musician.

4.  Participating in a summer cooking class.

5.  Going to an art opening for inspiration and courage from my friends.

6.  Watching/listening to Leonard Cohen in concert on a DVD from Netflix.

7.  Sifting through Rene’s  collection of National Geographics for my project.

8.  Sharing timed writings in writing group.

9.  Spending time at the bookstore or library.

10.  Sharing a “first experience” with young children picking soybeans, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.

11.  Attending a second book making class with Lisa tonight.

12.  Going shopping for new glasses with Haley tomorrow.

It’s a vibration, this phenomenon of shared energy, passion, connection, being alive…

Writing topic:  Creative community

Words and Pictures

Day 299…

Yesterday I spent two morning hours with the youth gardening group.  About forty minutes of that time was in the 92 degree heat weeding the strawberry bed with MiKayla, Aalaysia, Rangel, Zach, and Rashaun…to name a few.

I hurried home to shower, change clothes and arrive at the college within an hour to interview five alternative education applicants with my friends and colleagues, Lonnie and Tocha.

Three and a half hours later I left the college to run by the house, pick up my NOOK and calendar and head to the library for book club.  There we, the  middle-aged members (who are planning on living until 110 and beyond) of the year-old Broadmoor Book Club, shared our feelings about The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, a young adult book whose narrator is Death.  An interesting discussion about a book written for teens and read from our perspectives.

Finally home to another book, Ape House by Sara Gruen, before giving in to sleep.

Why do I enumerate the comings and goings of my day?  A way of observing myself  in the world?

Today will be as busy, and diverse… the morning book club meeting, a field trip to two grocery stores with the teen- agers, and writing group.  Trust yourself, Laura.  This is who you are.

Now a couple pictures, for those of you who have had enough of my words…

Writing topic:  I am…

Good Morning

Day 297…

Sometimes, if I’m too preoccupied in my head, I overlook the subtle gifts of my garden.  A new week.  And new flowers. Balloon flowers.

In a few minutes I’ll go play with one of my favorite six-year-olds.  That’ll keep me present.  I wonder what new rules (to a game I thought I knew) he’ll teach me this morning.

There’s a busy week ahead.  Jumping from gardens (mine and the community one), to a cooking class, to book club, to new teacher interviews, to writing group…and those are the activities on my calendar.  I want to be completely present to what each adventure offers.

This is the coreopsis, beginning to bloom, as my cone flowers wind down.

Writing topic: Present and accounted for