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Love As Feeling

Day 359…

Why is love, the subject of artists and philosophers throughout the ages,  so hard to pin down?  It is not just words or images or specific people and events.  Although words and images and specific people and events certainly seem to trigger “love.”

There was a simple illustrated phrase hanging in our family breakfast room when I was growing up.  A craft made at Vacation Bible School.  “God is Love,” it said, every time we came together for a family meal.

God is Love.  And if God is Love, and we are God’s children, then we, too, are Love.

I like that feeling.

Writing topic:  The feeling of Love

P.S.  False alarm on Melissa’s baby.  But a good trial run for everyone involved.


It Feels Right…

Day 332…

To spend an evening with Nadine and Lisa creating little flag books.  (Sorry, Lisa, when I got home I couldn’t remember how to put it all together…)

To move my body with others in T’ai Chi and Zumba classes.

To pull weeds from the community garden with teenagers.

To write with friends.

To listen to others’ thoughts about a shared book.

To get excited over new-to-me ideas.

To open to the experience of acupuncture.

To cry and not feel the need to explain it.

To see my nude art hanging alongside others’.

Writing topic:  A good feeling

Tricks of My Trade

Day 296…

Heading for Farmer’s Market, I almost got stuck getting out of the kitchen door.  (No, it is not a size issue.) But Laura, I tell myself, you told everyone you were going (read:  I stated the intention in my blog.)  Everyone will expect pictures.  Where’s your follow-through?  OK, sometimes I rely on “tricks” to keep me moving forward, and you, dear readers, are one of my “tricks.”  Thank you so much.  Farmer’s Market was a blast…after the bit of anxiety over the size of the crowd…

The rest of the day should have been anti-climatical, but I was obviously on some “self” testing journey. Rereading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak for book club this week, I was the book thief.  The little girl who used books to make sense of the chaotic world around her.  I wanted to take breaks and go see a movie (and get out of this story), go to the grocery store (as if I needed more food), and run to the craft store (to try a new idea with the little books I’m making.)  But I chose to stay with my little book thief.  I needed to make her my friend.   Back and forth my mind swung.  Catching and releasing the thoughts that passed through.  And I would tell  myself I can always go to bed early and let sleep put all my spinning in perspective.  Another trick.

Sure enough, this morning I’m ready to begin again.  Another trick of mine, you wonder.  Maybe. 🙂

The line for beignets…

Fresh veggies…

Good luck soup…

The jerky dude…

People watching…

I have a real hard time adding pictures and captions. What seems obvious to me doesn’t always work. I think I need a trick here…

Writing topic:  Tricks

Renewable Energy

Day 287…

Morning routine:

Sit in blue chair as the dawn breaks

Deep-water individual plants

Dig out nut grass

Fill bird feeders

Rinse and fill birdbath

Return to blue chair and wait for the birds to show up for breakfast

Today’s chores:

Find organic method of discouraging neighbor’s cat from claiming the garden

Add another blue daze plant

Work on community youth garden curriculum

Attend curriculum meeting at 1:30

Buy more book making materials

Writing topics:  Follow your bliss

Life, Be In It

Day 286…

The days are filling up.  Starting next week for as many as three mornings a week I’ll be at the community youth garden.  This morning I was at the college interviewing applicants for the alternative ed program.  Tonight there’s a bookmaking class (actual little books, not gambling).  And next week a cooking class.

What about my plans to read a zillion books and sit in my garden?  I plan on doing those things too.

Meanwhile I’ve been trying to take pictures of others with whom I share the garden.

The squirrel whose summer plan is to outsmart the squirrel-proof bird feeder.

The robin who drinks often from the birdbath…and the only bird that has given me enough time to photograph him.

If you look closely you’ll see a sparrow’s tail.  His job is to scatter as much seed as possible on the ground for the mourning doves.

Writing topic:  Summer plans

Puppets on a Stick

Day 254…

Change of Plans

Day 253…

So by the end of a week of a somewhat organized stream of third graders, I tweak the activity I’m in charge of for an “open to the public” weekend of meandering families with children of all ages…

After the last third grade class, before the Friday evening crowd, some “artbreaky” friends and I walk to Subway for lunch and on to the Riverfront for a change of  scenery.

When we get back I find that my activity has been changed.  Instead of writing color poems I am now in charge of puppets on a stick.  Yikes!!!  Now I need to become proficient enough making these skewered puppets to “teach” the activity…to a meandering Friday night crowd with children of all ages.

OK…last night was fun…but I will run myself ragged today if I try to keep up that pace for ten hours. 

Aha!  This morning I wake with the idea of making “how to” posters to display around my station…cutting down on the “teaching” time, allowing me to hand out supplies and encouragement (and maybe take pictures.)

Gotta go…I’m the second booth on the right as you come in the hall through the middle set of double doors…see ya… 

Writing topic:  Shifting gears