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Big Thoughts

Day 357…

This morning I have ideas that take me beyond the comfortable routine I am in  now.  I don’t wake with them; they just seem to be unfolding with the day.  I see possibilities…one piece at a time.

Great!  I appreciate the way you allowed my suggestions in the night.

What suggestions?

Where do you think these ideas came from?

Well, they seem to be from experiences I’ve been having for quite some time.

Yeah…you wanna talk about it?

Not yet.  I don’t want my resistance to block this process.

OK…I’m here whenever you need me.


Writing topic:  Possibilities


The Awakening

Day 357…

Writing evening pages is giving me what I wanted…several nights of uninterrupted sleep.  Until last night.

I review the day, noting several experiences with satisfaction…more deep cleaning and decision-making as I make my way through two rooms of my accumulated past, a satisfying session at T’ai Chi, a gratefulness for a day when the temperature did not hit 100.

One thing I do not address, however, is what I will be sharing at Artist Sunday in the morning.  This is a yearly event at the Unitarian church and I had agreed to participate.   Throughout the week I refer to it in my evening pages and every morning I wake with evolving ideas.

Except for last night.  Did I know what I wanted to share?  Maybe.  Did I think the idea had “evolved” enough?  I guess so.

But in the night, between the hours of 12:23 to 3: 57, my muse wakes me up with more ideas. Needless to say, I was not happy.

Listen to this, Laura.

Be quiet.  I want to sleep.  Tell me in the morning.

No, really.  I have this great idea…

I. Want. To. Sleep.

But really.  There’s a clearer way to present your thoughts…without sounding so schoolteacherish…

Great.  Hold on to that thought and tell me later.

Don’t you see…you’re slipping in to lecture mode.

Well, duh.  I’ve been a teacher most of my life…it’s who I am.

I know.  And I respect that.  Hear me out.

On and on we went, her persistence wearing away my resistance.  Yeah, she does have a point.  Well, maybe that is a better presentation.  And then…I don’t remember anything between 4:00 and 6:00…

Writing topic: I can’t shut her up

The Creative Spirit

Day 345…

Her playful muse

Sings stories of light

Amid illusions of darkness.

Writing topic:  My muse

The Rules of Engagement

Day 344…

The struggle shows up because she said she would write responses to visual art for a patriotic exhibit that will hang in remembrance of 9/11.   A month ago she viewed the inspiring artwork, but now without the images in front of her, all she is reacting to is war.   And she does not like war.

Her first drafts sound didactic; they lack spirit.  She wants to give up.

She calls her friend Lynn instead.  She worked with her in Alternative to Violence Workshops and walked with her and Sister Margaret during Desert Storm.  She needs to remember these experiences.

An hour and a half later, she feels refreshed, although not yet ready to return to her work.  Something else is stirring inside her.  Memories of personal conflict are making their appearances.

So much has been merely passive and /or aggressive reactions.  What are the rules for meaningful engagement?  She turns to her muse.

I don’t like mindless reactions to conflict.

So use your non-violent experiences, Laura.

I’m trying.  But there’s so much noise.

Yeah, there is.

I’ve been told I’m subtle.

Is that a bad thing?

Maybe not.  But it means I’m easily overlooked.

Don’t be so sure.  There are others like you.  They too are subtle on their own.  Maybe y’all should combine forces. (In a non-violent way, of course.)

How do I do that?

Well, what did you do today?

I called Lynn.

That’s a good beginning.  Now go write those responses with spirit. And drop the pedantry.  School doesn’t start for another three weeks.


No problem.

Writing topic:  An engaging spirit

The Circle Game

Day 342…

My school year starts with a meeting in a week.  Yikes.  Am I ready?  This summer, as hot and dry as it has been, will officially end when school begins.  Yeah, I’m ready.

But I thought you were retired?

As a full-time teacher in the Caddo Public Schools, yes.  But I keep ending up in “teaching situations.”

And you’re not tired of it?

Well, the “teaching situations” began as part-time supplemental income doing something I knew how to do.  But now I keep learning new stuff  I want to share.

Sounds like a vicious cycle.

Cycle, yes.  Vicious, no.  Not any more.

Writing topic:  Cycles

Tree of Life

Day 341…

I saw Tree of Life last night.  It was an amazing experience.

Here’s how I decided to watch it.  1)Turn off (or at least way down) the ever-present “analyzing machine” (except to watch how I watched the movie)  2)Drink in the visual images.  3) Let the music flow through me.

The story line.  The oldest son’s death triggering a life review.  The time is the 50’s.  Father, mother, three sons.   How and when do I react?   Watching the mother?  The struggles of the boy growing up?  The role of the father?  The friends and siblings of this oldest son? The Job story?  The idea of grace?

The art of story.  Beautiful.

Writing topic:  The art of story

Radically Mellow

Day 340…

Every time I meet a challenge, another appears.

Last night at writing group one of our timed writing topics is I am a radical.  I write about being radically mellow and it feels good to recognize what this balance can feel like.  But a new young member writes with amazing fire.  FIRE. Then reads it to the group.  I take in her raw youthful energy and it too feels good.

What does this mean for me?  That I should add more fire to my writings.  Natalie says “go for the jugular.”  Is this what she means? Am I being too timid?

What if jugular for me now means that I can listen in awe to a room full of wonderfully diverse writers and not be scared?  Or not feel mine needs to sound like theirs?    That my radical-ness is the acceptance, even gratitude, for the many voices around me?  Radical.

Writing topic:  Acceptance